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New website ~ New blog ~ New dreams

I am so excited to present the new website and the new blog! There has been a lot of recent progression in building SandSilkSky as a brand, and I thank you for being patient over this last year. With a pretty new website-- solely dedicated to SandSilkSky-- I hope to be able to connect with more dreamers like me.

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SandSilkSky dreamcatchers can currently be found at both Nuda Juice Shop in San Pedro, and Maitri Yoga Store in Culver City. Take the opportunity to see these stunning wall pieces in person (and buy one)!

I am SO excited to be announcing a partnership with The Freedom Story: with the purchase of a Freedom-to-Dream DIY Dreamcatcher Kit, or participation in the dreamcatcher-making workshops, $20 will be donated directly to the organization!

I turned 18 in Thailand. I was so lucky to be given that opportunity to travel, and it had so much of a profound affect on me that, sixteen years later, I am still inspired by it daily.

It allowed me to see first hand that we are a world community.

I am grateful for the opportunity to give back to a community that has been an inspiration to my entire adulthood. I am grateful that SandSilkSky grants me the ability to do that.


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