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A Celebration of Nature...

A Celebration of Nature...

...An Ode to the Elements

Home decor that creates a sanctuary from the rest of the world, manifesting peace and tranquility where it matters most!

Meet The Team Welcome

Hannah R-Reyes

Everyone, sometimes, needs help catching their dreams.

SandSilkSky started with my own dream to work creatively, collaborate with others, and build something big. I wasn't sure what direction to take, and I felt that by building myself a dream catcher, perhaps I'd find inspiration.

The result of that moment has led to me building dozens of beautiful dream catchers for friends, family and strangers all over the world. It has opened the opportunity for me to help others-- with this chance I am excited to be partnering with The Freedom Story, a non-profit organization that seeks to prevent child trafficking in Northern Thailand by providing education to children and job opportunities to their families.

To be able to experience wanderlust, to act on our liberties,
to utilize our personal mobility throughout our society and culture,

to dream of a better life...
--these experiences are unavailable to so many millions of people around the world. 

For every DIY Dream Catcher Kit sold, $20 will go directly to
The Freedom Story and its programming.

I want everyone in this world to have the Freedom to Dream.

To learn more about Hannah, please visit

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SandSilkSky About Crystals
Behind the Dream...

~about the designer~

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