Give The Freedom to Dream.

SandSilkSky believes that every person on this planet is born with the right to dream, and that no one should be able to take away that freedom.


For every purchase of a dream catcher kit or workshop, proceeds will be donated directly to The Freedom Story.


Book a Workshop and Support the Freedom Story!

Gather together for an girl friend's brunch or a fun night-in with a DIY Dream Catcher Workshop by SandSilkSky! 

Be sure to watch the videos below for a complete tutorial on how to build your very own dream catcher, while supporting The Freedom Story.

We are people passionate about preventing child exploitation. Our mission is to prevent child exploitation through culturally relevant programs for vulnerable children and to share their stories to inspire creative, compassionate people to act.

The Freedom Story

Cat's 10 Year Anniversary Story!

Cat's journey with The Freedom Story

began when she was 9 years old.

For her 10 Year Anniversary with the organization, she shares this video with us!

The Freedom-to-Dream DIY Kit Videos

Building a dream catcher is a meditation, not just a craft.

It is a match of the mind against finger-dexterity, problem solving through knots, loops, and symmetry.

I made these videos to help you navigate the craft of making your own dream catcher. Its not so much difficult, as it is a little time consuming, and at times cumbersome. 

Imperfection is part of what individualizes each dream catcher, and makes it as special as you are!


Don't be afraid to make a mistake! 

Try your best, and try again.

Reno, NV & Tahoe/Truckee, CA USA

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