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~ Brand Meets Girl ~


It is difficult to separate SandSilkSky from the designer... who happens to be me. My lifestyle and interests are the driving force behind this brand, and so far, I am the only one working on this brand.

Confucius had said that "the woman who moves a mountain begins by carrying small stones."

I myself source all the materials, design and build the products, create the marketing, the imagery, the website, and the descriptions, and probably 97% or more of the images on my instagram account, @sandsilksky, are my own.

I also work elsewhere during the week. So this one-woman shop is only part time, but I do what I can.

That's me between the Harvest Moon and Harvest Sun dreamcatchers (Autumn 2016). Dress by Planet Blue, bracelet by Hot Rocks Jewelry.

I am an artist-- I am inspired by experience and culture, and after 15 years of helping build other people's dreams, I felt I had to break out on my own and fulfill my needs to design the brand that I couldn’t stop thinking about.

Buddha advised that "there are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting."

Every day that I get to work on SandSilkSky is a day I feel eternal gratitude, and an overwhelming sense of love. I get to channel that energy into each of my dream catchers as I build them.

A Zen Proverb states, "The only zen you find at the top of the mountain, is the zen you bring with you."

My man @seansoss and I hiking in the forest near Adirondack, New York.

I have a blast with social media. I love that my travels, including my staycations, are able to be incorporated into my brand. I love that SandSilkSky, and the featured dream catchers, were born out of a very personal experience-- in a wave of self empowerment, needing to take my life back. This risk, so far, has been worth it!

Meditation and a preference for minimalism in one’s life inspires SandSilkSky, from products to imagery. Nothing should be superfluous or ostentatious-- I want each piece to be a beautifully subtle, yet meaningful, statement in the home. I want each piece to blend in as an ornament of nature, the way a suncatcher, wind chime, or hanging plant might be. It is my hope that thinking of my brand in this way will give a greater sense of integrity towards each piece that I design.

As Lao Tzu says, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

I am grateful and humble to climb the path before me. Happiness is not at the top of the mountain; the mountain is happiness. I'm going to climb on.

Me, rock climbing at Castle Rock near Big Bear, CA.

To learn more about SandSilkSky designer Hannah Rothblatt, go to, or follow her on Instagram @hannahrothblatt.

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