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A Beginner's Guide to Choosing Your Healing Crystals for Meditation

Crystals have been aiding humankind by providing spiritual power for thousands of years. Talismans for protection, love, and guidance, crystals have captured the vibrational energy of the earth and the universe within their mineral make up and can transfer their metaphysical powers to you.

Any crystal expert will tell you, a crystal chooses its owner, not the other way around. You may be browsing a shop with an infinite number of crystals laid out before you, when one particular gem stands out from the crowd, beckoning you to take it in your hand, hold it up to the light, and never let go. But when aesthetics are the only motive bringing you into the shop, you will end up with a collection of crystals that look beautiful, but may do nothing for you spiritually.

So how do you know which crystal is going to help you?

Reflect On Your Needs

In order for a crystal to serve you properly, you must understand your own needs. When you equip yourself with insight of your deeper needs and desires, you then have a starting point from which crystals can work for you. The better you know yourself, the better a crystal can tap into your vibrational patterns and elevate them. Being familiar with chakra meditation can further your crystal search as it serves as a foundation from which to understand yourself.

For example, sometimes we mistake the need for safety and protection with the desire for love. Sometimes we mistake our need for honest communication with our own egos. Sometimes we confuse our desire to succeed in our careers with our need to pursue creative passions.

For each of these challenges, there’s a crystal to guide you.

Set An Intention

Once you’ve begun to understand what your deeper needs and desires are, you must set an intention, or establish a goal, to guide you on the corrective path. It doesn’t matter too much if your intention is specific and detailed, or more vague and abstract. What matters here is that your needs are met and balanced by your intention.

So again, for example, if your need is for honest communication, your intention could be to listen to and honor your needs, and to express them openly in sacred space with the person you need to communicate with. You may need to conjure inner strength, protection, and higher truth, so meditation on the root, throat, and third eye chakras will assist you.

By having the inner dialogue with yourself to understand your needs and how best to meet them, you will be ready to search for crystals to aid you in your meditation journey.

Find A Connection

Now that you understand yourself better, you can approach the crystal shop equipped with your intentions. A crystal expert will be able to coach you towards the best crystals available to reach your goals. Most likely, she will provide a list of crystals— both basic and more exotic— that will suit your needs.

From this list, you can graze each bin, touching, holding, feeling as many crystals as it takes to find one that calls out to you. It may have a certain sparkle, or entrancing mineral layer that captures your eye and imagination, or the surface may beckon you to feel its smooth or rough textures over and over again. It may have a weightiness to it, filling the palm of your hand in a comfortable way, or its tiny size will be just right when tucked into a fold of your clothing to be kept close to your body. This is how our crystals find us— through an intimate connection, opening the doorways for trust, self examination, and higher vibrations.

Cleanse Your Crystal

Cleansing your crystal is an important ritual to re-set the energy contained within your crystal, and within yourself. Placing your crystal in a small amount of water and leaving it in a window with access to light of either (or both) of the sun and the moon properly releases the karma collected by other individuals who have held your crystal, as well as the magnetic properties altered by other crystals in the shop. It reconnects the crystal with the rotational axis of our planet, soaking in the powerful aura of the sun and the moon to better assist you in your meditation journey.

This ritual also helps you tune into and connect with the solar and lunar phases, reconnecting you to the primitive ancestry that ultimately rules your mindset. When cleansing your crystal, this is an excellent time to devote to your own self-care: light a candle, take a bath, drink some tea, and journal your needs, desires and intentions. This is an exceptional way to prep yourself for your crystal meditation.

Hold Your Crystal

You’ve already come so far on your crystal meditation journey, and now is the moment when your crystal works its hardest for you! Just as you did in the crystal shop, touch, hold, and feel your crystal. Once again, establish that intimate bond that sparked your connection with this crystal, admiring it in the light, and becoming fascinated with its cracks, mineral layers, and unique edges.

Close your eyes and focus your energy into the crystal, inviting it to transfer its vibrating energies into you. If working in conjunction with chakra meditation or reiki, place the crystal on the part of your body that is best suited for this energy transfer. Feel the weight and the textures of your crystal on your skin, and imagine an exchange of light, color, and vibrations between you and the crystal.

You are now ready to enter deep meditation, when your crystal elevates your efforts and its healing properties are at its strongest.

Meditate on Your Intention

Once again, remember your original intentions that brought you to your crystal meditation journey. Reflect on your needs and desires, and the personal goals that will set you free from the burdens you carry. Imagine yourself already liberated— what does it look like, feel like, and how will you live each day without being clouded by the past?

At any moment your mind wanders from your intentions, bring your focus back to your breath, and the weight of the crystal on your skin. Without opening your eyes, hold the crystal in your mind’s eye, scanning its surface in your memory: its cracks and cervices, its textures and weight, its color and how light transfers through it or across it. Then, relax your mind and return to your breath, feel relieved of all thoughts and only when needed, return to your intention.

Your meditation can last any length of time, from 5 minutes to 2 hours— that is entirely up to you and your practice. When you’ve finally completed your meditation, place the crystal in a near by and prominent spot, such as by your bed, on your desk, or in a window with access to either sun or moonlight. Or, if it is small enough, tuck it somewhere in your clothing, as close to your skin as possible, but without causing you irritation. The purpose of this is to allow the crystal to remind you of your intentions as often as possible, reinforcing your meditation practice passively throughout the day or night. Over time, you will achieve the goals of your meditation, with the crystal having guided you towards success!

Have you experienced powerful crystal meditation?

Leave a comment below and share your story!

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