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SandSilkSky + the Wildflower Superbloom of Anza Borrego Desert State Park

There's a superbloom occurring in some of the Californian deserts, setting the perfect backdrop for SandSilkSky's spring-ready pieces! We headed to Anza Borrego to catch a glimpse of this rare grace of nature!

As a child growing up in Palm Springs, the most memorable educational experience was getting to participate in the Desert Biology program through the Palm Springs Desert Museum. Only an art museum since 1996, the Palm Springs Museum was previously a natural history museum that almost exclusively featured environmental exhibits and learning.

Through this program, students from the local elementary schools had weekly afternoons in the labs of the museum, and also got to partake in week-long field trips to neighboring state and national parks. We would do regular scientific research on local flora, fauna, and geology.

One of those trips was a weekend in Anza Borrego Desert State Parks.

When I heard about this year’s superbloom occurring in the desert, I knew I had to return to the park to capture this phenomenon with my latest SandSilkSky dreamcatchers. I called up my best friend Zoë of 30 years— the same best friend I had on those 4th grade field trips— and together we drove with windows down and cares to the wind with my dreamcatchers in the back seat.

We were not disappointed!

There were numerous areas around the park that were flourishing with the superbloom-- a natural event that occurs only when there have been seasons of significant rainfall that germinates hibernating seeds across the desert floor. The grounds are nearly blanketed in various flowers of all colors and shapes-- some of them so incredibly small that you have to squint to see their petals!

Seeing the metal statues of artist Ricardo Breceda in Galleta Meadows was really special as well, and I thought there would be no better companion for his bucking horses than the Sedona Collection Dreamcatchers, currently available in pink or white.

The Sedona Collection is made up of four small dreamcatchers, each made with arrowheads authentically handcrafted from a Native American artist in the Arizonan Bear Tribe. They make completely unique gifts and are of a very limited collection!

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