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The Journey of a Dreamcatcher : How I build a SandSilkSky Dreamcatcher!

People often ask me how long it takes to complete one of my dreamcatchers. It is a fairly lengthy process of curating the materials, building the foundation and establishing the details that can take me anywhere from 1 week to 6 weeks to complete.

Because I run a teeny operation, I have a limited amount of supplies and materials at any one time. But if all of my materials are on hand, I can begin and complete a dreamcatcher (or three) over a weekend.

Each dreamcatcher involves both a wooden outer hoop and a inner metal ring wrapped in suede (the latter in a metallic faux suede), in addition to hundreds of yards of silk ribbon, and dozens of feathers. Of course, I also must find the perfect crystal and any accompanying beads.

I also create the tag by hand, every time. I have a custom SandSilkSky stamp that I use to emboss in gold, a silver feather stamp, and I create a little glitter rock formation in the corner of each tag-- its is a combination of glitter glue and these beautiful chunks of copper, bronze, gold and silver made of... I feel like its doing this material a disservice by calling it glitter, but I'm not sure what else its called.

The tags also come with a color matching charm made of a tassel, swarvoski crystals, and a gold feather, also made by me, every time!

This time, when I received a recent custom order, I decided to take photos of the dreamcatcher in its different stages as I built it.

When I receive a custom order request, I need to know the size and basic color groupings, such as either gold or silver, and if there is a preferred gemstone.

In this case, I was shown a photo of a sunflower painting for inspiration. Knowing that this dreamcatcher would be hanging against a darker green wall, I wanted to make sure it provided enough contrast.

The end result is a beautiful, fluffy dreamcatcher with vibrant yellow and green with white ostrich feathers and a cheery sunburst web. The yellow citrine pendant in the middle is truly special-- smooth and polished and wrapped in gold electroplating.

What do you think of my latest creation? Check out the process photos and leave a comment below!

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