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SandSilkSky + Mountain Shadow Cabin

The Mountain Shadow Cabin in Joshua Tree, CA is an Airbnb a few miles away from the Joshua Tree National Park. For those seeking a sense of isolation without being too far away, this little studio cabin showcases the best of the desert landscape and wildlife!

Although it only sleeps four, and explicitly states not to throw parties on the listing, the host & owner was the one who organized our stay, and so we did what she wanted: 14 people for our own little Burning Man with our friend at the turntables!

The desert night sky is beyond incredible! With the absence of city lights or campfire, the galaxy really opens up before you! Have your camera ready with tripod and slow shutter to capture the Milkyway in full glory!

Photo courtesy of Sean Reyes.

Joshua Tree National Park is so close, it wasn't long before we caravanned through the park. Always be on the lookout for wildlife when in the desert! We happened to see a Jack Rabbit the size of a bobcat, a scorpion, and even a vinegaroon! and there is cholla seriously everywhere. Watch where you step!

Gif courtesy of Jenna Blake .

SandSilkSky was commissioned to do a dreamcatcher for the Mountain Shadow Cabin. The Desert Blossom Dreamcatcher was designed to resemble the incredible yield of wildflower ground cover and gorgeous cactus flowers that have been blanketing the desert floor this Spring! Even at the end of March, the superbloom in Joshua Tree is still going strong!

Metalwork by Mojave Moon Designs. Photo courtesy of Chrissi Hernandez.

When you visit, be sure to open the front and back doors and let the desert breeze dance on the feathers and silks!

(But please close the screen door!)

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