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Everyday Essential Oils : What's in Your Daily Arsenal?

Love Heals leather fringe purse ; Hot Rocks Jewelry pouch.

Essential oils work best when you use them daily, whether you are using them for a boost to your immunity, or for routine beauty practices. I keep my daily dōTERRA in a pretty little bag inside my purse, along with any other keepsakes, like crystals, that remind me to take a moment for myself and breathe.

The oils I bring with me vary week to week, but I find that I regularly reach for a few specific bottles, and so I try to always keep them with me.

On Guard is my daily defense against colds.

I make sure to bring this dōTERRA blend with me every day to work, putting a single drop in a bottle of water.

The spicy orange flavor is the perfect follow up to my morning pot of coffee, refreshing my senses and quenching my thirst, all the while acting as a natural anti-bacterial and immunity-booster. Its also great for cleaning surfaces-- just add a few drops to a damp paper towel and wipe down surfaces like your desk phone and computer.

Ever Get Afternoon Headaches?

Typically a result of dehydration or a tense jaw, headaches can make the day drag.

When I feel one coming on, I reach for Peppermint Oil, and massage a drop onto either temple. I can also add a drop to hot water and mix with honey for instant soothing tea.

My tension relaxes, my skin feels cool, and the scent calms any growing anxiety that the day has brought with it.

Got Cramps?

Peppermint and Clary Sage Oil work wonders together when massaged into the tummy to relieve menstrual cramps.

The cooling action from the Peppermint, combined with the gentle, sweet, woodsy smell of Clary Sage, provides a natural physical and mental stress relief. You'll smell feminine without smelling overly floral, and its properties will naturally bring your body to ease.

Still sore from Leg Day?

dōTERRA's Deep Blue is the all natural choice for relieving muscle soreness. Perfect for massage, this blend penetrates with heating and cooling affects to the muscles, working to restore physical health.

Need to Ease the Mind before Yoga Class?

Reach for Eucalyptus Oil and dab a little on your third eye, or on your wrists, to encourage deep breathing and soothing thoughts. There's no better combination for completing your day!

Once you begin incorporating essential oils into your daily habits, you'll realize how much your olfactory system has been undervalued! Its not just about what smells good -- the unique properties essential oils provide naturally affect your mood, your heart rate, your appetite, your immunity, and your sense of ease knowing that your immediate world has only all natural ingredients in it that won't cause significant health risks to you and your family.

If you're ready to use dōTERRA Essential Oils, contact me and I'll help you choose what's best for you!

*These facts are not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and all home remedies should be approved by your doctor. I am not a doctor.

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