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Exploring with Orchid ~ A Custom Order

I love that during the design process I often get a tiny glimpse into the life of my customer. In this case, I was approached by Natalie who had seen first-hand one of my previous custom orders at her friend's home, and wanted something similar for her own daughter's upcoming birthday.

She was so savvy, I didn't even have to ask for samples of the color scheme she had in mind-- she offered up several photos of her nursery and I was immediately able to understand the space the dream catcher would be fitting.

Her adorable nursery has a dual-color scheme of turquoise and hues that fall within the Orchid spectrum.

Orchid was 2014's Pantone Color of the Year, and the range of pinkish-purples goes from a warm, foggy, grayish tone to more of a passionate vibrancy. Sometimes Orchid is represented as more pink, others times its more purple. Orchid is a hue meant to be explored!

Using these images of the nursery as a reference, I could easily analyze the colors of silk I would use for Natalie's dream catcher. I sent her a quick snapshot of my pink and purple inventory, and together we narrowed down the choice of crystal and the color of silks for her piece.

As with all of my custom orders, this communication occurs prior to me beginning construction. Once the details are confirmed, I get to work, and quickly update my progress with a quick snapshot like this one:

As with all of my photos, I try to send a snapshot as true to color as possible, but these photos are sometimes taken with my phone, and not the usual DSLR or Mirrorless camera I use for the rest of my product shots.

Within a couple of weeks, the order was complete and I was able to ship it with confidence that Natalie was going to LOVE her new wall piece!

Check out some other decor pieces inspired by the Orchid spectrum! Which spot in your home could use its fun-loving energy?


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