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~ SandSilkSky Weddings ~

An uninterrupted circle-- the shape of the universe;

The burning of Sage, to purify the past;

A web-unwoven, to signify new beginnings;

A ceremony of togetherness under a New Pisces Moon.

To say, I do, to the Light that shines from your eyes...

In the garden, under a setting sun, on the eve of the Equinox--

Fate brought us together, but we made ourselves One.


SandSilkSky is a meditation, first and foremost. This brand started as a way to attract and catch my dreams, and although it started with dream catchers, the desire to attract and catch my dreams started many years earlier, with an unrelenting need within myself to cultivate a better life. I undertook many methods to understand my desires, and to begin discussions with the universe in how to bring them to me.

One of those discussions involved finding the life partner of my dreams. I knew he was out there, but I didn't know how to find him. I started off by defining characteristics of who he would be, and who he would be to me. I also defined the characteristics of the woman he would want to be with... I saw where I fell short, and I began implementing changes, some big, some small. I knew first and foremost, I had to be kinder to myself and others. I began wearing a ring on my ring finger to signify my commitment to loving myself. Each day I meditated on self-love, on compassion, on gratitude and forgiveness, because I full-heartedly believe that any relationship requires these notions as a foundation, and every relationship begins with ourselves, in our everyday lives.

It took five years to find him, but finally our paths crossed on the opposite side of the planet, on the cusp of the New Year, in the midst of a tremendous celebration of life and friendship. I happened to meet him in the middle of incredible happiness, that I had managed to cultivate for my life on my own.

Our relationship immediately began with two mutual characteristics: joy, and trust. In the beginning we had plenty of space between us, but early on we established a commitment to the relationship itself. And over the next five years, we remained true to that commitment, and at every step cultivated and nurtured the values we believe in.

I share this not to brag, but to showcase how the blessings of the universe work. We can't receive what we desire without defining it, without giving space for it, and without taking actionable steps to cultivate it. Neither can we rush the process.

When I met him, I felt like Karma had brought him to me-- he was the loving blessing I had been making space for.

Photography by: Randy and Ashley.

He has been my #1 Supporter in building SandSilkSky. The very first dream catcher I made was for our bedroom-- our only decor when we moved in together, where it still hangs. I dreamed of starting my own brand, and through making dream catchers I was able to build the brand of my dreams. I dreamed of marrying the love of my life, and this last weekend we exchanged vows in front of family and friends, and a large dream catcher, dancing on the gusty winds against the foothills in Southern California.

He shot the video above on the morning of our wedding. I had completed the dream catcher that morning, securing bundles of flowers to the hoop, and to the arch under which we would stand only a few hours later. He was proud of me!! A feeling I am so grateful for! He was proud of how beautiful the dream catchers turned out, of how beautiful the arch looked, of how beautiful our relationship is, and of how the family we build together will be. He gifted me with the video clips of our dream catcher under the arch, so that I could make it into a video and share it with the SandSilkSky community. Again and again, he actively shows me his support, and his pride in being my partner. I am so grateful, and I am so lucky.

I urge everyone to understand that the universe is yours, but you must honor its process! Define your desires, make space for your desires, work towards your desires, and be patient. There are no short cuts! Eventually, it will all fall into place.

And that's what I love about dream catchers-- the circle represents time and space: the universe, our planets, the sun and the moon; the web you weave is the story of your life, with its knots and asymmetry... sometimes you need to work backwards to resolve any mistakes, but eventually you find yourself in the middle with a beautiful pattern completed; the crystals attracting light, and energy, our divine wishes, and representing the beauty of our earth's foundation from which we stand; the silk ribbons are free to dance and move with the wind, representing the ease at which we can live our lives once the foundations are complete.

SandSilkSky is now offering Wedding Kits, so you too can have the universe at your altar! And of course, if you would like to build your own dream catchers, the Freedom to Dream DIY Kits are perfect for wedding decor, or gifts for your bridal party!

May you find the methods to cultivate your dreams, whatever they may be! Happiness really is attainable: honor the universe, and it will honor you. Many blessings, and Namaste!

~~ Hannah Rothblatt-Reyes


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