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Favorite Five Booths at Renegade Craft Fair - Los Angeles

The Renegade Craft Fair made its way to dtLA at the Los Angeles State Historic Park. This year had as many as 250 vendors!

There were so many amazing vendors there, with incredibly beautiful work for sale! But these were the booths that caught my eye:

Desert Daisy Jewelry by Emma Kelly, invokes the Empress within each of us to rise before our people and take charge. Regal collars made of copper and crystals, each with a unique patina, beckoned me to stop for a photo.

The curly copper wands however, caught my curiosity, and I had to understand how they worked!

Luckily, Emma was nice enough to give me a demo!

Watch the video to see how the crystal hair wands work!

~ ~ ~

West Perro is a collection of desert-inspired lifestyle and decor. The neutral color palette is intoxicating, capturing minimalist, modern-desert style at its finest.

~ ~ ~

Winthrops Daughter produces the most beautiful handmade jewelry, inspired by nature and antique designs. I loved their booth display, especially with a backdrop of pretty dresses!

~ ~ ~

Standard Themes fulfills the void of creatively-patterned bandanas to be worn for every occasion. Best part is, they are sustainably produced here in Los Angeles, with a long list of Commitments the brand has taken on to ensure ecological responsibility.

~ ~ ~

Nora Floral Studio has the cutest ceramics for their tiniest succulent arrangements! No two pieces were the same, these ceramics vary across size, color, texture and style!

~ ~ ~

Technically a 6th Favorite, I had to include these creative hanging pieces by Urban Geometry (I love home decor that hangs!) What a beautiful and simple way to place your crystals throughout your home without hiding them in corners or on shelves!

The next Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles won't be until December, just in time for the holidays. Be sure to check their calendar to see when the Fair rolls through your town, as its a great way to pick up gifts for everyone.


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