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DIY Dream Catcher Workshop ~ Julian, CA

SandSilkSky DIY Dream Catcher Workshops are offered throughout Southern California. Each participant receives a Freedom-to-Dream DIY Dream Catcher Kit, and proceeds are donated to The Freedom Story.

Upon stepping out of the car at Volcan Mountain Winery, I was overcome with delight by the sweet scent of apple blossoms in the air! The trees were in full bloom, and the orchard stretched to every corner of the landscape I could see. Bees buzzed in the trees, and on the ground, oblivious to the epidemic that has been affecting their cousins around the world. These bees were happy, healthy, and very much alive!

I took that as a good sign!

I was early, so I made sure to snap some stories for my Instagram account, capturing my immediate surroundings at the vineyard.

This wasn't my largest workshop, but I am happy with the turnout! The women who joined me on April 28th were the most warm-hearted, kind souls I could hope for! Each of them were in Julian without plans, and had just happened upon the opportunity to join me for making dream catchers.

This is for the same reason why I began a new blog series called DAY TRIPS here at SandSilkSky! There are so many beautiful little get-away towns throughout California that present burgeoning opportunities for pleasure, as long as your heart is open! We each agreed that the Universe guided us together on that unbelievably perfect Saturday morning in the mountains above San Diego. Late April in Julian is bursting with Spring, a rare phenomenon in Southern California!

It was truly a pleasure to spend my afternoon with the women who joined my workshop! They were filled with such positive energy, and together we shared a few glasses of local sparkling apple wine, an apple-boysenberry pie from Mom's, and a plate of cheese + crackers. I am so deeply grateful to experience each other's new friendship in such a welcoming and fun setting!

Volcan Mountain Winery was as kind as ever, and the bustling Tasting Room provided laughs and good cheer the whole day!

~ ~ ~

The Freedom Story is a non-profit organization that seeks to prevent child trafficking in Northern Thailand by expanding the scope of freedom and opportunity for those at-risk. For every Freedom-to-Dream DIY Dreamcatcher Kit sold, $20 will go directly to The Freedom Story and its programming.

I want everyone in this world to have the Freedom to Dream.

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