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More Ways to Celebrate the Spring Equinox

The arrival of Spring is always a reason to celebrate, but more can be done than Instagram shots in wildflowers.

As the current superbloom in the southern deserts may have implied, Spring has arrived! The hills are awash in a beautiful array of orange, yellow, purple and white flowers of all shapes and sizes, and the Painted Lady butterfly migration is so thick this year, its tough to speak out loud in nature and not get a one of these pretty little pollinators stuck in your teeth!

But with more and more nature preserves shutting down access to the public due to overcrowded, vandalized and polluted spaces, how can you celebrate the arrival of Spring without your oh-so-coordinated Instagram shot?

Check out these suggestions for Celebrating the Spring Equinox!

Celebrate The Supermoon

Point Your Lens Up

This year, Equinox coincides with the last great Supermoon of 2019 (the Worm Moon), which presents a perfect opportunity to point your DLSR somewhere other than yourself! Spend the day scouting out locations for perfect full moon shot, whether capturing your city skyline, framing a solo tree on a hill, or sitting on top a vista overlooking a vast valley. As darkness falls, you’ll no doubt find yourself surrounded by others with their incredible lenses, blankets, wine, and warm soups waiting out the moon’s arrival. This becomes a perfect opportunity to make new friends with a common hobby!

Party All Night

Or maybe, you’re ready to dance! Obviously, there are Full Moon parties raging somewhere near you. Are you in the know? If you are, you’ve already got your spirit animal accessories at the ready, and are no doubt prepared for an all nighter, unleashing the beast within! Just be sure to remain aware to stay safe. The Spring Equinox is about rebirth, fertility, and life, so while you’re out losing your mind, keep your body alive and well!

Practice a Restorative Ritual

Of course, not everyone wants to stay out all night. Every Full Moon provides an opportunity to tune out and tune in to the deeper workings within yourself. Whether you practice at home or at a meditation center, now is a wonderful time to do some journaling, aromatherapy, meditation, and overall relax into a safe, inviting world. Attend a soundbath at your local yoga studio and experience your mind resetting in a wash of bionic beats, losing all concepts of time and space. Burn some sage or cedar around the home, repeating a mantra to invite rebirth. Light a candle, hold a crystal, drink a detoxifying tea to help you channel a fresh perspective for the season.

Celebrate the Sun

Spring weather can be a motivating time to get outdoors. Unless you’re still trapped by heavy snow or rain, the sunshine brought on by Spring may be all it takes to go on a hike or bike ride, sunbathe by the pool, or at the beach, or perform your sun salutations under a warm sun. Even if you are still surrounded by snow, the storms may be interrupted by days of bright blue skies, inviting you to hit the slopes or the trails with snowshoes or cross country skis.

The warmer weather also provides the opportunity to work in your garden. Fruit trees are blossoming or forming their buds, and flowers may be pushing their stems up through the thawing ground. Now’s the time to clear the debris, churn the soil, sod the seeds, and fertilize as necessary to ensure a happy healthy garden for the rest of the year.

Celebrate with Food

Spring brings warmer weather, which means cities open doors to agricultural harvests. Artichokes, asparagus, strawberries and carrots are all ready for colorful displays on your table. You don’t have to wait until Easter to host a spring dinner party or BBQ. By hosting now, you can stray far from holiday traditions, and serve up clean dishes inspired by fresh herbs and young ingredients.

Visit for healthy recipes perfect for Spring entertaining!

Bountiful wine and beer festivals pop up in March and April, continuing all the way through summer, motivating more people to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Likewise, Spring Harvest festivals may crop up in your area, inspiring you to try out new dishes with unique ingredients.

How do you celebrate Spring Equinox?

Are there ways you celebrate the new season not mentioned here?

Please share with me below! I’m always looking for new ideas, and I’d love to see your photos and methods!

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