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Online Sutra ~ An Intro to Buddhism

The following links are my recommendations for Buddhist sutra available for free online.

Tricycle is contemporary dharma produced by today’s practicing Buddhist teachers. Click here for their insightful Buddhism for Beginner’s guide.

A joyfully academic online resource for having a greater understanding of Buddhism is Alan Peto’s Explanation of Modern Buddhism. Perhaps because I too have studied Mahayana and specifically, Vajrayana Buddhism, I appreciate the approach he uses in his writings. Check out his article, Basics in Buddhism.

Sivana East is a blog on Spirituality, Yoga and Conscious Living, and is paired with an online store that provides fair trade pieces to assist your spiritual journey. I love how the blog features easy-to-digest articles on Buddhist concepts in bite-size reads.

Continue reading Books & Audiobooks ~ An Intro to Buddhism for my recommendations of introductory tools and resources for establishing a stronger foundation for your practice.

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~An Intro to Buddhism~

These are my recommendations to begin-- or deepen-- your meditation practice and to understanding more about Buddhism: The apps, podcasts, websites and books that I turn to for seeking my True North.

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