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Cool desert mornings when the sky is a pale, powder blue... the sun still stretching herself awake.


This dream catcher comes with a silver aquamarine pendant hanging center of a flower mandala web. Cream-colored peacock feathers lay on a bed of white, ivory, and cornflower blue-colored silk ribbons.


Aquamarine is the birthstone for March, and is used in Chakra Meditation for channeling energy for the Throat Chakra. 


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Every dreamcatcher is made by hand by Los Angeles designer Hannah Rothblatt. Each of the dreamcatchers feature a jewelry-quality crystal, sustainable silk ribbons, and the feathers are attained ethically, being naturally molted.


** 7" outer hoop diameter
** 23" long (not including loop)
** blue aquamarine pendant
** silver accents
** white, ivory, and cornflower blue-colored silks 
** cream-colored peacock feathers

Blue Aquamarine Dream Catcher ~ SandSilkSky ~ Summer Desert Decor

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