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Inspired by nature, SandSilkSky dream catchers dance in the wind and bring an organic element to your wedding! Whether you are seeking a boho or rustic vibe, the SandSilkSky Wedding Kits will adapt perfectly to your natural wedding decor.


Each kit comes with simple, white dream catchers without webbing, and without feathers. Simply wire-wrap flowers to the hoop and you have a gorgeous set of wedding-ready dream catchers that provide a perfect backdrop to your ceremony!


Group them together in odd numbers for a beautiful statement, or let each one greet your guests by framing entries, placing above gift or appetizer tables, or drawing them to other areas of your wedding.


The Wedding Kits also make perfect gifts for members of your bridal party! 


SandSilkSky Wedding Kits come in 3 available options:


  • 3-piece set
  • 5-piece set
  • 7-piece set


Each set comes with one large dream catcher for the altar.

Flowers and wire-wrapping are not included.

Wedding Kit ~SandSilkSky ~ Just Add Flowers

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