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This dreamcatcher features a flower mandala web framing a blue kyanite electroplated in gold, varying shades of blue silks, and a combination of cream-colored peacock, and natural brown pheasant feathers. 


Part of the Autumn Collection, this piece was inspired by the cool colors made by the sideways light falling on the lake. This dreamcatcher is designed to help you feel grounded in life. 


Every dreamcatcher is made by hand by Los Angeles designer Hannah Rothblatt. Each of the dreamcatchers feature a jewelry-quality crystal, sustainable silk ribbons, and the feathers are attained ethically, being naturally molted.


Blue Kyanite is a beautiful stone that can channel the Throat Chakra, or Visuddha, which can assist in opening your communication, speaking up for what you deserve, and expressing yourself clearly. 


Likewise, Blue Kyanite can also assist in channeling your Third Eye Chakra, or Ajna, which will strengthen your intuition and ability to see the truth in the world, and in yourself. 


This makes a beautiful statement piece for the home, studio, or office. Its a truly unique and special gift for the person in your life!


** 12" outer hoop diameter

** 38" long (including loop)

** blue kyanite pendant

** gold accents

** blue-colored silks 

** cream peacock, natural brown pheasant feathers


SOLD- Blue Kyanite Dreamcatcher ~ SandSilkSky ~ Autumn Decor ~ Thanksgiving Gift

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