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The easiest way to introduce yourself to the healing power of essential oils!


The dōTERRA Essential Oil Intro Kit includes a bottle each of therapeutic grade Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint oils, these are the three most popular on the market. Each bottle contains 5ml of essential oil, enough to use daily for one month (1-2 drops per application).


Lemon is a refreshing, spirited scent. Include it in your morning wake up routine and feel instantly refreshed.


Lavender is an incredible sleep aid -- include it in your evening routine as you prepare for sleep. 


Peppermint is a calming aid. It creates a cooling affect to the skin, and can be used to reduce stress.


Recommended usage:


dōTERRA essential oils can be included in your holistic practices, from aromatherapy techniques (candles, lotions, waxes, soaps, room misters, natural cleaning agents), to holistic health approaches (anti-flammatory applications, respiratory or digestive health).

dōTERRA Essential Oil Introduction Kit

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