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Currently only available at Ele Keats Jewelry in Brentwood, CA. Click to see Retail Locations for more info.


Inspired by the Strawberry Moon of this year's summer solstice, this dreamcatcher has 2 silver moons framing a silver-electroplated rose quartz centerpiece. 

Every dreamcatcher is made by hand by Los Angeles designer Hannah Rothblatt. 

Rose Quartz is known today as the "Heart Stone," known for its power of unlocking the heart chakra, encouraging compassion for others and for the self. It is a stone said to have deeply feminine powers dating back to the ancient Egyptians, invoking both maternal and sexual powers, while known to increase fulfilling sleep for adults and children alike.

** 12" outer hoop diameter
** 38" long (including loop)
** rose quartz pendant
** silver accents
** pale pink and white-colored silks 
** soft gray pheasant, white turkey, and white ostrich feathers
** includes free charm!

SOLD - Rose Quartz Silver Moon Dreamcatcher

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