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This dreamcatcher features a sunburst web framing a white quartz crystal point with grey druzy electroplated in gold, white silks, cream-colored peacock and natural brown turkey feathers. 


White Quartz Crystal is used in meditation to channel all chakras, but particularly the Crown Chakra. Click here to read more about White Quartz.


It has the powerful ability to charge all crystals used in your meditation and reiki practice. The white quartz point used in this dream catcher is perfect for placement in the home, or wherever you experience your highest self, as its high vibrations will magnetically attract positive energies wherever it is hung. 


Click to Read More about healing your chakras and download your FREE Chakra Cards for tips on how to balance your mind, body and soul!


Every dreamcatcher is made by hand by Los Angeles designer Hannah Rothblatt. Each of the dreamcatchers feature a jewelry-quality crystal, sustainable silk ribbons, and the feathers are attained ethically, being naturally molted.


This makes a beautiful statement piece for the home, studio, or office. Its a truly unique and special gift for the person in your life!


** 8" outer hoop diameter

** 38" long (including loop)

** white quartz pendant

** gold accents

** white-colored silks 

** cream peacock and natural brown turkey feathers

SOLD - White Quartz Crystal Dream catcher ~ 8" SandSilkSky ~ Boho Spring Decor

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